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Maggie Williams

TOP 15 - MISS TEEN USA® 2019

Maggie Williams is a Junior at Piggott High School who is jumpstarting her collegiate career with concurrent college courses. She leads her high school tennis team as the highest ranked female singles player, holds a District II leadership position in Future Business Leaders of America, shows cattle and competes in Parliamentary Procedure with her school’s chapter of Future Farmers of America. After high school, she hopes to double major in Political Science and Criminology to pursue a law degree.

Maggie is a trailblazer for youth political involvement. She currently resides on Senator John Boozman’s Congressional Youth Cabinet and worked as campaign manager on her father’s winning city council and mayoral elections. She has worked in the Arkansas State House with the Arkansas House of Representatives and Senate on both Republican and Democratic sides with legislators, pushing to pass bills to improve heart health for Arkansans.

Maggie authored a county-wide proclamation implementing a Heart Health Education Day once a year for schools in Clay County, devoting February 24th to revolving all curriculum in classrooms to involve heart health awareness. She has hosted Heart Walks in her home town for victims of heart attacks and stroke, and has been featured as Arkansas’s American Heart Association Honorary Author nationally published on You’re The Cure blog.

Maggie describes herself as strong, bold, and compassionate. Maggie loves to explore the world with her dog by her side. Maggie has a wanderer’s heart that she follows wherever it leads her in hopes of a new adventure. She loves the great outdoors and all it entails; fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, and cycling are just a few of her passions. Maggie considers herself a wildlife conservationist and has volunteered with Ducks Unlimited and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Before she gained her driver’s license, Maggie was equipped with both a boating and hunting license in the state of Arkansas.

Maggie loves to travel and describes her favorite city outside of Arkansas as New Orleans. A few of her other favorite destinations include Nashville, Charleston, and Phoenix. Maggie is an adrenaline junkie with sky diving and zip lining on her bucket list. Maggie also enjoys reading and writing in the company of a warm cup of coffee.

She values her close-knit family as her best friends, and is thankful for their unwavering support in all her endeavors. Maggie definitely keeps her family on their toes, but they love and encourage her wild dreams and adventurous side, and would not want her any other way.

Maggie lives by the iconic lyrics “When the dreams you're dreaming come to you, when the work you put in is realized, let yourself feel the pride but always stay humble and kind.” She emphasizes the importance of living with a positive attitude, good character, loving those around you, and to daringly chase your dreams with fire and passion in your heart. She notes that the phrase “do not be afraid” is written in the Bible 365 times, which is a daily remind from God to live every day fearless. Maggie considers her greatest blessing is the gift of constant joy; she is widely known for her uplifted spirits and resolute sense of happiness. During her reign, she hopes to share that bliss every opportunity she has, and encourage others around her to live boldly, warmly, and bravely. Maggie plans to continue her work for the American Heart Association and expand her political involvement to a national level.

Maggie was honored to represent her home state of Arkansas and felt so blessed to work with Vanbros on her journey to placing in the top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2019. She is confident in her abilities to serve the state and will do everything in her ability to make Arkansas proud. #YouGoGirl